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Auto Component Manufacturer – Inventory Shearing Software

About Customer

The customer is one of the leading manufacturers of Parabolic Springs, Leaf Springs, Automotive Springs & Spring Assemblies in India. They supply to OEM's (Heavy / Light commercial vehicles), dealers and distributors across the globe. They work on custom design & development of automobile Leaf & Parabolic Springs. Their expertise includes the development of vehicle suspension systems for all heavy light vehicles. Through effective business practices, their management and technical experts evaluate, prioritize, manage and implement projects to assure client satisfaction.

Business Situation

Currently, lot of raw material wastage occur during the shearing of the raw material (metal sheet) at the customer factory premise. This happens due to unplanned shearing of the raw material. The customer requirement is to minimize this wastage by optimal shearing of the raw material.

The customer engaged VELCOM team to draft the high level requirement for this application & to provide a budgetary cost for this project.


VELCOM team conducted interviews with the various teams like management, business users at factory to understand the key requirements of this project. Based on this key requirement has arrived at a budgetary plan for this project as well.

Key Benefits

VELCOM helped the customer to identify the high level requirements for the shearing software application & the budgetary cost for the development of this project.

The next phase would be to identify the right vendor to develop the solution to manage this customer requirement.