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ERP Readiness Audit

ERP Readiness Audit is the process used to find out the readiness level of the organization to execute the ERP project initiative and identify specific areas to focus on in its preparation process.replica wathces

ERP Readiness Audit is the ideal first step for Organization to take in its ERP Project Initiative. This would help Organization to clearly understand its current Readiness level and have an action plan to be fully ready to implement the ERP Project successfully. The key business users should be involved in this audit phase, so that they assume ownership of the ERP project initiative.

The purpose of the Readiness Audit is to

  • Evaluate the level of overall preparedness of the organization to carry out a successful ERP implementation.
  • Assess effectively the readiness of the client employees to adapt a new ERP system
  • Develop employee buy-in to the project Readiness Audit to gauge how prepared the organization is,replica watches has to be done with a minimum target score, below which the ERP implementation has to be postponed. The organization should then first concentrate on improving the business process, systems and procedures before initiating the ERP???????????? Implementation. Many ERP implementations fail not because of any technical defect in the software but because the organization is not ready for it yet.

ERP Readiness Audit a Project Methodology