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ERP Product / Vendor Evaluation & Selection

VELCOM leads clients through a comprehensive ERP product / vendor evaluation & selection to ensure that ERP product & vendor are aligned with the organizationa€?s specific business objectives. Audemars Piguet Replica ERP Product & Vendor Evaluation & Selection would ensure that the Organizations decide on the right Product & Vendor to realize the complete benefits from their ERP Investment. Good care taken during the evaluation & selection of the right ERP product & implementation vendor, ensures brighter chances of the ERP project implementation success,

ERP selection is quite different from purchasing off-the-shelf software e.g. accounting, payroll etc. Lesser skill / effort is sufficient for evaluating such software as it has pretty standard practices and it does not impact the business as a whole. Greater the care taken during evaluation & selection of ERP product & vendor, lesser the time for implementation & greater the chances of success. Investment required for ERP project is significant and an inappropriate selection of ERP & vendor could prove to be dreadful.

Hundreds of ERP companies (Vendor, system integrator, consultant etc.,) offer various solutions range from legacy systems to only point solutions (and still calling them ERP!) with countless number of unique attributes, which needs to be sorted through. Given this scenario,

  • How can an organization make an intelligent decision on whom to trust with this mission critical system?
  • How to sort out the ERP products / vendors with expertise in customer specific business industry from the vendors trying to force-fit their ERP applications into customer business model?

This is one of the most critical & expensive decisions for the organization to make and it will take lot of hard work & commitment. For organizations that don't have either time or expertise or both,swiss replica watches necessary to make this critical decision, should employ the right ERP consultant to reduce the risk & increase the project success probability. This will enable organization to focus on what it can do best and leave this critical responsibility to the expert. It can have the peace of mind of knowing it does not make the common first timer mistakes.

ERP Product / Vendor Evaluation & Selection a€“ Project Methodology