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Enterprise Business Consulting Practice

VELCOM through the Enterprise Business Consulting Practice helps Enterprises, who are in the ERP Business on their initiatives on Strategy, Business Development & Operations.

VELCOM assist organizations with different services based on their levels like: Breitling Replica Watches

  • Matured Level - Running the business successfully for many years in different countries across verticals
  • Growth Level - Running the business successfully for years in one or few countries with or without vertical focus
  • Initial Level - Start up businesses with little focus on region, vertical channel replica wathces etc.,

Enterprise Business Consulting Practice - Services

Business Strategy

  • Customer Revenue Plan:
  • Business Plan
  • Existing Customer Mining - Customer Score Card
  • New Customer Acquisition Plan
  • Vertical & Horizontal Focus:
  • Assist customer in creating the right Value Proposition, Collaterals, Segment focus for the verticals & horizontals decided to focus on.
  • Go to Market Strategy:
  • Geography Focus
  • Partner Focus
  • Delivery Partner, Outsource Product Development, Dynamics Upgrade Labs, Professional Consulting
  • Partner Program for Enterprise Vertical & Horizontal Solutions
  • End-Customer Focus
  • For Verticals & Horizontals
  • ERP Support Model

Business Development

VELCOM would work closely with the Customer Business Development (Sales & Marketing) team, track their progress & help them meet their growth objectives.

The key areas include:

  • Value Proposition / Positioning
  • ERP Awareness Initiatives (Readiness Audit, Lecture)
  • Marketing
  • Collaterals
  • Lead Generation
  • Prospect Qualification
  • Pre-Sales Readiness (Demo)
  • Proposals Preparation
  • Utilize Principal Infrastructure Approach
  • Vertical Solutions using Principal Network
  • Principal Pre-Sales Team & Partner Network


  • Reducing Project Cost using Re-usable Components
  • Knowledge Repository
  • Right Pricing Models
  • Maintenance & Support Models


  • Value Proposition / Positioning
  • Product Presentation
  • Effort Estimation & Pricing
  • Proposal Preparation