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VELCOM Service Offerings

VELCOM focus on mid-size organizations across industries & help them achieve the following benefits through their ERP Project initiative:

  • Complete the ERP Project on time Replica Watches
  • Reduce the Project Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by at least 20%
  • Realize more tangible Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Help organization improve business through ERP
  • Reduce Risks involved in the Project
  • Get client-ready in terms of Organization, People, Process, System
  • Draft the Project Roadmap & Goals
  • Set the right ERP Project Budget
  • Identify Key ERP Business Requirements

Achieve ERP Goals like:

  • Centralized Data & Integrated System
  • Standardized Business Process
  • Integrate & Streamline Operation
  • Increase Revenue & Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduce Cost by improved efficiency
  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Collaborate well across Supply chain
  • Manage Inventory well
  • Material Requirement Planning

Our Services include

ERP Readiness Audit

First step in the ERP Project Initiative, it includes Readiness in terms of a Organization, People, Process, System and Project. This would help Organization to clearly understand its current Readiness level and have an action plan to be fully ready to implement the ERP Project successfully. Organization readiness is more important than any other factor for a successful ERP implementation. The organization should ideally concentrate on improving the business process, systems & procedures before initiating the ERP project.

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ERP Goal Setting & Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Goal setting helps organization to have clear goals, which increases the chance for a smooth implementation and optimal return on an investment (ROI). ERP project goals for management, business & IT would be Strategic, Operational & tactical. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the total cost (initial & recurring) of Software, Services, Infrastructure & Resource, Miscellaneous & other related factors for the successful ERP project. TCO has to strike the right balance between cost-efficiency & fulfilment of business requirements.

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ERP Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) & Request for Proposal Rolex Replica Watches (RFP)

BPR is the fundamental rethinking & radical redesign of business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical measures of performance such as cost, quality, service & speed. BPR focuses on processes & not on tasks, jobs or people. It endeavours to redesign the strategic & value added processes that transcend organizational boundaries. The RFP process brings structure to the procurement decision & is meant to allow the risks & benefits to be identified clearly up front.

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ERP Product / Vendor a Evaluation & Selection

This would ensure that the organization decide on the right product & vendor to realize the complete benefits from the ERP Investment. Good care taken at this stage ensures brighter chances of the ERP project success. For organization that doesn't have either time or expertise or both, necessary to make this critical decision, should employ the right ERP consultant to reduce the risk & increase the project success probability. Organization can focus on what it can do best and leave this critical responsibility to the expert and have peace of mind of knowing it will not make the common first timer mistakes.

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ERP Program Management

This would facilitate the Client & Vendor teams work together and ensure that the ERP Project is completed within the agreed timeline & budget. Program management would ensure that all business requirements are realized through successful ERP project. It would also ensure that the business transformation activities, necessary to enable a functioning business platform are planned, once the ERP goes live. An approach that integrates vendor project methodology with all the additional business activities required for the ERP project determines the project success.

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ERP Post-Implementation Audit (PIA)

PIA would help organization to evaluate whether project objectives were met, to determine how effectively the project was run, to learn lessons for the future, and to ensure that it realize maximum possible benefit from the project. PIA would assist organization to effect needed changes in organizational plans & processes and realize potential operational & strategic benefits. In ERP re-implementation projects, PIA's critical role is to redefine the ERP project scope, promote learning & system acceptance through user training & stakeholder commitment to the project.

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ERP IT Infrastructure Audit (IIA)

IIA would help organization to understand its current IT environment, have an action plan to realize the optimal benefits from its IT infrastructure investment. IIA is about safeguard assets, maintain data integrity & operate effectively to achieve the organization goals. Documentation of policies, procedures, practices & org structures designed to provide reasonable assurance that business objectives would be achieved & undesired events will be prevented or detected and corrected.

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Talent Sourcing Services

Organizations need right people for their IT operations (CIO, IT Head) & Business operations (Finance, Manufacturing, SCM) to manage their Enterprise Business Software (ERP / SCM / CRM / BI) Project Initiatives. ERP Service Providers need right ERP consultants with skills like a Domain Expertise; Product Knowledge & Certifications; Implementation Experience; Cultural Fitment; Relationship Management, Overseas Exposure etc., VELCOM Talent Sourcing practice helps customers with right talent at the least time & effort for such requirements. ERP Talent Sourcing Services Include Permanent Recruitment Services & Interim CIO Services (For Enterprise Business Software [ERP / SCM / CRM / BI] Project Initiatives).

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Enterprise Business Consulting Services

VELCOM helps IT Enterprises on their initiatives on Strategy, Business Development & Operations. Enterprise Business Consulting Services include for:

  • Strategy: Business Planning; Vertical & Horizontal Focus; Go to Market Strategy
  • Business Development: Value Proposition / Positioning; Marketing Collaterals; ERP Awareness Initiatives (for Customer Target Verticals); Lead Generation; Prospect Qualification
  • Operations: Reducing project cost using re-usable components; Knowledge Repository; Right Pricing Models; Maintenance & Support Models
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