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Customer Case Studies

Business Requirements Preparation to enhance the existing testing tool for the Independent Software Testing Company, Chennai, India

About Customer

One of the leading independent software testing company, it has significant presence in UK, US and the Middle East. Being aligned to a few select verticals (banking & financial services, insurance, health care, telecom), it has developed proprietary domain frameworks that help in reducing design times and ensure optimal test coverage. With the customer rating its satisfaction levels at a high 94%, it brings end-to-end software testing capabilities to client engagements, ranging from defining a test strategy, test planning, execution, defect management, closure and documentation.

Business Situation

The customer has developed an in-house testing tool application to keep track of its various projects. It now wants to re-build / enhance this application for better utilization of the system. Customer contracted VELCOM to do the high level process study & come out with the way forward for this project.


A – Business Requirement Documentation:

  • VELCOM team discussed with the business users to
  • Study the current application
  • Understand the detailed business requirements
  • Document the detailed business requirements
  • Provide the project budget

B - Vendor Evaluation & Selection:

Vendor Evaluation & Selection phase would ensure that the customer decide on the right Vendor that fits its project requirement, company environment & budget and to realize the complete benefits from its engagement.

Vendor Evaluation & Selection Scope includes

  • Vendor - Evaluation & Selection in terms of
  • Development Expertise
  • Customer Reference
  • Project Resource Quality
  • Contract Management for the Project including
  • Scope (Inclusion & Exclusion)
  • Schedule & Deliverables
  • Commercials (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Post Implementation Support

Project Deliverables

  1. Business Requirements Document
  2. Vendor Evaluation & Selection Report

Key Benefits

VELCOM guided the customer on the following:

  • Overall Budget (Total Cost of Ownership) plan to realize complete benefits of their investments
  • Implementation Partner Evaluation Criteria to shortlist & decide the right Vendor

Other current projects include Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Project for their internal usage & for their customers as well.