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Customer Case Studies

ERP Awareness Workshop & Business Process Audit for a Leading Tier 1 Auto Component Manufacturer, Delhi, India

About Customer

The company has core competencies in manufacturing of Electrical Distribution Systems (EDS) & Polymer Processing and has 12 facilities across India.. These competencies are supported by specialization in Engineering Design, Information Technology, Tool Manufacturing and Metal Machining. The company focuses in blow molding, large size injection molding, compression molding and vacuum forming supported by state-of-the-art paint shops. The products manufactured are Instrument panel assemblies, Door trims, under bonnet parts, other Interior and exterior parts.

Business Situation

The customer has implemented ERP in all their 12 factories, which has been developed by their group company. However, the customer hasn’t realized the complete benefits of ERP and has the following key challenges:

  • The velocity of part flow on the shop floor is not compatible with the manufacturing parameters flexibility provided by ERP
  • Few modules of ERP (e.g. Capacity Planning, Inventory Parameters) are still not implemented / used effectively
  • Limited knowledge & usage of all modules of ERP across units
  • Data Entry Challenges due to high employee turnover
  • System was not configured for multi-company, multi-location scenario
  • All units are not connected for ERP
  • Performance Problems exist and critical posting processes take more time

The customer engaged VELCOM to assist them in solving the above challenges.


VELCOM team conducted an ERP Awareness Workshop to all the business unit heads of all their manufacturing facilities. The ERP Awareness Workshop detailed the ERP benefits & the right way to implement the ERP so that the business requirements are met and the customer realize the complete benefits of their ERP investments.

Subsequently, VELCOM team has conducted multiple sessions at one of their manufacturing facility for the Business Process Audit from the perspective of the ERP project Implementation. VELCOM then submitted an action plan report, which would be followed by the customer shortly.

Key Benefits

The ERP Awareness Workshop detailed the following for the better understanding of the business unit heads:

  • ERP – Introduction & Modules
  • ERP Relevance to Manufacturing Industry
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • ERP Project Phases
  • ERP Project Key Success Factors